Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Carly Hennessy Smithson - American Idol 7 Top 24 Semifinalists

The former Carly Hennessy who is the new Carly Smithson has caused some controversy since appearing on American Idol season 7. Carly Smithson’s story is compelling. Two years ago, the Irish high-class lass with a star-spangled ass got tossed from the U. S. because of immigration issues.

The former Carly Hennessy was accepted to go to Hollywood with American Idol, but never made it as she was sent back on a plane to contemplate her navel for a couple of years. Now, Carly Smithson has resolved her Visa issues, appeared on American Idol 7, wowed the judges once more and has been given a pass to Hollywood, for real this time.

What is causing a stir, however, is that the hard luck Irish miracle, Carly Smithson is not the amateur that many thought her to be. In fact, as Carly Hennessy the Irish singer has had a recording contract with a major player, MCA Records and has put out an album.

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